[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Which tool of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge can I use for testing ABL queries?

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I've just written following erroneous ABL query:

FOR EACH T1 (WHERE T1.some-date = ' ')  AND 
            (integer(T1.num1) >= 100) AND 
            (integer(T1.num1) <= 200) AND 
            (T1.some-other-date = 01/12/2021) AND 
            (T2.Name = itsme), 
    EACH T2 WHERE T2.num2 = T1.num2 
    BY T1.num1

As you can see, this is wrong because I've put the first bracket in front of "WHERE" instead of behind it. In top of that, my name "itsme", is not put between quotes, so the ABL query will never work.

I've been looking in my development environment ("Tools" menu), but I couldn't find an ABL query tester. I've also checked the directory "C:\Progressx86\OpenEdge\bin", but being a newbie I didn't find anything.

I have downloaded the "DataDigger" application, which contains a so-called "MCF Query Tester", but this only works on single table and only checks criteria, not entire ABL queries.

Does anybody know where I can find an ABL query tester, first for syntax checking (the bracket in front of the "WHERE") and (if possible) for data testing (01/12/2021, is that January 12th or December 1st?)?

Thanks in advance

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