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Gaetano Herman

I have added System.Messaging to my assemblies.xml cause I need to use this in my Progress OpenEdge application. However I ran into a problem.

In C# when assigning:

m.Formatter = new XmlMessageFormatter(new[] { typeof(TrowConfiguration) });
TrowConfiguration myConfiguration = m.Body as TrowConfiguration;

However I now want to do this in ABL. I first used a method to read a string and just passed a CHARACTER EXTENT 1 INITIAL "System.String" to the XmlMessageFormatter object. However I tried changing this to the path of my object, TrowConfiguration, but this doesn't work and gives me an error.

This is what I had:

Define variabe TargetTypes as character extent 1 INIT "System.String".

msgReceived:Formatter = NEW XmlMessageFormatter(TargetTypes).

But now I want to send objects, any help on how I can do this in ABL?

Thanks in advance.

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