[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Summarize more than one column in Excel COM object

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I'm using SubTotal in a Openedge generated Excel book for my first time.

The example of the KB (Progress KB - Sample Code to do Excel Grouping) is: chWorksheet:Range("A1"):CurrentRegion:Subtotal(1, -4112, 2, True, False, False).

The parameters for SubTotal are: GroupBy , Function:, TotalList, Replace:, PageBreaks:, SummaryBelowData:

In "TotalList" the example is 2, which means column 2 is totalized.

In VBA, TotalList can be an array. For example, Array(14, 15) indicates totaling columns 14 and 15.

But I can't make ABL to accept that. It only receives an integer, for one column. Which is sad.

Does anybody if it's possible to totalize more than one column?

Thank you

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