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[stackoverflow] [progress Openedge Abl] Shared Memory Error In Openedge

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proenv>proserve dbname -S 2098 -H hostname -B 10000

OpenEdge Release 11.6 as of Fri Oct 16 19:02:26 EDT 2015

11:00:35 BROKER This broker will terminate when session ends. (5405)

11:00:35 BROKER The startup of this database requires 46Mb of shared memory. Maximum segment size is 1024Mb.

11:00:35☻ BROKER 0: dbname is a void multi-volume database. (613)

11:00:35 BROKER : Removed shared memory with segment_id: 39714816 (16869)

11:00:35 BROKER ** This process terminated with exit code 1. (8619)

I am getting the above error when I tried to start the progress database...

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Not open for further replies.