[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] OpenEdge 10.2A - Error Screen With No Other Info, how to solve it?

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We are using Progress OpenEdge 10.2A for years and for the last 4 months we begin to receive unknown error messages from our customers.

We call our .w files using lines as follows:

RUN VALUE(myPath + "myProgram.r") PERSISTENT SET myPrograms.

Normally the same program calls work without any problem, but on rare occasions, the program window seems to get unresponsive, but in fact when we look at the windows taskbar, there is another entry in the taskbar which is a prowin32.exe window having title "Error". But when selected, there seems to have no visible window attached to it.

When we close it from the taskbar using Close Window option, it appears again in the taskbar 6-7 times again and then whole prowin32 session restarts.

We could not identify the error since it does not show any message or any error number.

If you encounter such a problem, I'd like to know how you solved it.

If not, it would be appreciated if you direct me to the way to solve the problem.


Task Manager

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