[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Move to the right cell in a Openedge browse

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I need to move the cell selection in a browse to the cell on the right, when hitting the ENTER key.

By default, ENTER moves the selection to the next record, in the same column. I need to change that behaviour in one particular browse.


enter image description here

Selected field is row 1, column "Sacar de Lima". If I hit ENTER, selected field will be row 2, column "Sacar de Lima".

What I need to do is: If I hit ENTER, the selection goes to row 1, column "Sacar de Lince".

I have tried to set a ENTER trigger to the field, but for some reason I just can apply it to the whole browser and that's not useful. The browse is a "freeform query" of a temp-table.

I'm using Openedge 11.6.4 in Windows,

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