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I'm working with Progress 11.6 appBuilder and procedure editor (and Data Dictionary).

Regularly we are doing modifications at the customer's database, there are two types of modifications:

  • Modifications of the structure: those are done, using interactive GUI of the data dictionary.
  • Modifications of the data: those are done, using the procedure editor

An example of a data modification in the procedure typically looks like this:

FOR EACH Table1 WHERE Table1.Field1 = <value>:
  CREATE Table2. 
  Table2.Field1 = <value>.
  Table2.Field2 = <some-other-value>.

This is completely in contradiction with one of the basics of software delivery quantity, repeatability: there is no way to return to the previous situation!

Therefore I'm looking for ways to do this in an (automatable) repeatable way, hence my questions:

  • What can we use instead of the interactive GUI of data dictionary (without undo feature) in order to perform/undo database structure modifications?
  • What can we do in order to undo database data modifications? (Is there something like an Oracle redo log or an Oracle archive log in Progress?)

In case you say "What are you talking about? You can do "Undo transaction" in the data dictionary.", I mean the following:
I perform a transaction using the data dictionary, I leave the data dictionary and the day later the customer complains. When I open the data dictionary at that moment, the "Undo transaction" feature is disabled.

Thanks in advance

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