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[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] how to insert the field values in the connected openedge database when table and column names are given

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Anusha Rallabhandi

I've retrieved the field names of a table by giving the table name directly (INS_TEST is the name of my table). I used columns _Field-Name, _Data-Type of the _Field system table and retrieved the field names and their data types.

I want to use the retrieved field names and insert field values into those fields.

FOR EACH _File WHERE _File-Name = "INS_TEST":

FOR EACH _Field WHERE _File-Recid = RECID(_File):
DISPLAY _Field._Field-Name.
DISPLAY _Field._Data-Type.
ASSIGN _File._File-Name._Field._Field-Name = 1 WHEN (_Field._Data-Type EQ "INTEGER").


But the ASSIGN statement gives an error. Suggestions please!

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Not open for further replies.