[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] How to get distinct count for larger column size in Progress-OpenEdge query?

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Abhishek C

I'm getting ERROR [OpenEdge JDBC Driver][OpenEdge] Insufficient Memory. Memory allocation failed at 751 in Z:/vobs_sql/sql/src/rds/psr_bld1.cxx. Contact Progress Technical Support.

If I execute query to get Distinct count who's column size is varchar(264) for MonthQuota column.

Data And Query Image

Query which I have executed

SELECT MAX(MonthQuota) AS maxo, MIN(MonthQuota) AS mino, COUNT(*) AS notnullo, COUNT(distinct MonthQuota) AS distincto FROM PUB.Salesrep WHERE MonthQuota is NOT NULL;

Error: Error Image

working fine If I removed COUNT(distinct MonthQuota) Image of query without COUNT(distinct MonthQuota)

So, Is there any solution for getting Distinct count for varchar size more than 264.

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