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We are using the progress 4GL to creating and save a word document to the database from the templates (templates are saved on server) by using the below code. Templates are .dot file.

create "Word.Application" WordApp.
WordApp:Documents:Add( LocMallNamn). /* LocMallNamn has full server path of the template */
SelectionObj = WordApp:Selection.

Now we are moved to new server and old server is closed. After moving to new server when we try to open the word document from the database, it is trying to connect to old server for opening (example: connecting \servername\template_path)

I have tried the below step to confirm the connecting path is from application or from word document.
1. Before opening a document from application, it saves in Temp folder and then opens for the user.
2. I have copied document to my local folder and opened it without connecting to application or any programming language.
3. Still I can see that word document is trying to connecting to old server when opening

I have found some solution like
1. Open the document and change the template.
2. Open the document and inspect the document and remove All Documents Properties and Personal Information section .

But we have 1000's of document saved in the database and 1000's are creating everyday.

Could someone help in solving below things?
1. Update all document stored in the database with new reference or open without reference.
2. Generic solution for all new word documents to save without template reference.
Note: Our application is built on openedge 11.7 and DB as well.

You can also a solution in any other language if you have, i will try to rewrite in progress 4GL

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