[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] How do I sort by names or postcodes using a drop-down list to determine what to sort by?

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Currently, I am trying to create some software on Progress OpenEdge that sorts by customer's names or account codes. So essentially, a box will open up when the program runs, the user will select "Name" from the drop-down list, and the program will display all the names in the database from alphabetical order. Or, they will pick "Account" from the drop-down list, and it will display all the account codes in numeric order. I have attached a picture of the program here: Drop-down list displaying the Name And this is currently the code I am using to print the results: Code used to display BY name However, I'm not sure what I need to add for the others. Would I need IF statements, such as: OR IF [drop down list] = "Account" THEN or something like that?

Any help would be appreciated.

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