[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] First steps in PDSOE: how to get correct view of window in ABL UI Designer perspective

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I started recently working with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, more known as PDSOE.

In order to see the windows I've created until now, I import them, using the "General" menu, "File System", but there's an issue with the result: apparently the ABL UI Design perspective (which shows the window), shrinks the window instead of keeping the actual size. As a result, I get overlapping widgets, which is really ugly.

In order to test this, I created a "full_screen.w" window (which looks exactly as the name says), but when importing it, it gets shrinked as mentioned.

Is there a way to prevent that shrinking?

Extra question: is there a StackOverflow tag for PDSOE?

Thanks in advance

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