[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Connect to Progress database without knowing user and password

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Kamil Gosciminski

Setup: Progress 11.5 databases sitting on Linux (CentOS) server, with proenv available.

I'm trying to connect to Progress database through proenv and sqlexp. I'm unable to, since I don't know the user and password. There's no way I can obtain it from someone else, as nobody knows these credentials. I have root access on this server.

How can I connect to this database so that I can later create another account to use through ODBC?

What I've tried already is:

Being on root account, opening up proenv by


which brings up proenv, and then when I try

sqlexp -db rep -H localhost -S 2502 {-user ?? -password ??}

given that there's a db within


with files like rep.db, rep.lg, rep.b1, rep.d1 and some other files avilable on localhost under port 2502 (confirmed through ps aux | grep rep)

I get an error even without user and password

Error: [DataDirect][OpenEdge JDBC Driver][OpenEdge] Access denied(Authorisation failed). (8933)

Which is obvious from my side, but there's no way to get user and password. How can I go around this given my environment to be able to establish a successfull connection?

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