Sql Queries Against Progress Database.


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11.6.3 on redhat.

using dev studio to connect to progress database via JDBC.

Our c# developer wrote some SQL queries and when that piece of "software" is being ran it forces the CPU usage up to 100% and slows everything down. This person no longer works here.

Im using the SQL Editor in DB Navigator and running the queries individually to figure out whats going on.

My question.

I was almost certain i could view the translated ABL queries somewhere that actually get executed against the DB. Am i going crazy, and if not, where do i view this?!?

Rob Fitzpatrick

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Does that mean you answered your own question?

The database has two separate query engines: 4GL (ABL) and the increasingly-misnamed SQL-92. When you connect via JDBC and issue SQL queries you are using the latter. It's SQL end to end, so there is no "translated ABL". You can however see the resulting queries server-side by enabling SQL logging.


4GL does not get "translated" for use with an OE database.

Neither does SQL.

The dataservers must do something along the lines of translating 4gl to sql since all of the target databases are sql. But, personally, I don't know where you would find the translated query.

Rob Fitzpatrick

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Also i was reading one of your presentations on ABP earlier today. Very informative.
Cool. Glad you liked it. :)

Is anything available that did similar or am i going crazy?
Maybe you're thinking of SQL-89? You can type simple SQL statements like "select * from _StorageObject" in the 4GL editor and run it. Under the covers it gets translated to 4GL, although (a) that feature is deprecated, and (b) I don't know of any way to see the resulting 4GL, unless maybe you run it client/server and you know the 4GL wire protocol inside and out. That likely isn't an option for anyone outside of PSC.