Question spell checker


Hello All,

I am planning to add a spelling validator (spell checker) in my 4GL code. Can I do that?

I browsed through a few "Spell Check" posts here and almost all of them are pointing to Microsoft Word Spell checker. I have my application in an unix enviroment and hence I cannot do that :(

I am expecting an open source spell checker which can be used by my program. Is there anything like that?


Google is your friend. Google "Unix spell check" and you will be overjoyed with possibilities.


But in some instance Tom, yes Google is our universal friend. But narrowing the searching is often better to retrieve relevant data without many links on Google. eg. "Unix spell check in open edge'


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There are Aspell and Ispell for Linux. However, it how you would do the search and replace of the existing text with the suggested alternative spellings in the CHUI environment. It's all about good UI.