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Question Source Management Solution : Deployment / Build / Technical Impact Analysis ?


I would like to know which tools exists to manage Progress source codes for an application, and which software/solution are you using ?

Especially about :
- Source code technical impact analysis coverage on source code ;
- Packaging tool ;
- Deployment tool ;
- Build tool ;
- Repository (SVN) ;
- Development validation workflow tool ;
- etc.
And how to integrate all these tools together ?

More specifically, how to address these kind of issues :
- packaging management / technical impact => eg. : I deploy 10 programs, somebody else deploy 5 programs, how to detect the links / dependencies /impact ? (avoid mismatch parameters errors when a program’s parameters are modified but not the other ones who called it) ;
- best practices to manage an huge number of source codes objects (over 10 000) ;
- tool to detect technical impact related to source code dependencies .

What I would like to know is especially if there are some "standard solution" and / or already existing product on the market to achieve these actions for a Progress application.

If you have anything from what you use in your company or what you know (even if you use in-house tooling), please let me know.

Thanks in advance :)


ProgressTalk Moderator
Staff member
for code impact analysis, have you had a look at the the meta catalog content builders in progress developer studio? it's already included in the developer studio, although you need to create a database to set it up.

in terms of packaging and deployment, it depends on your application. for pasoe you'd probably export and deploy tomcat .war files which you could again do from developer studio.

for versioning control, i use git for most of my projects.

for build tools, Gilles Querret did wrote an open source tool called PCT which uses ant.

for testing, have a look at ablunit.

you could probably integrate most of these tools in developer studio. i'd also look at the work Gilles did.

good luck! please let us know what you ended up doing.