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Simple AJAX Example Demo working with Prototype.js


17+ years progress programming and still learning.
I've been meaning to post something of PT for ages about the use of AJAX and webspeed. For the past 9 months I've been using prototype.js as my javascript framework. (http://www.prototypejs.org/) and i have found it works very well for me.

I have quickly mocked up a quick and dirty example of using prototype.js to handle an AJAX request(Client Side) to WebSpeed (Server Side).

Using the the sports2000 database, the example produces a table after submitting and AJAX form request.

Now I am no Javascript expert but I did have to wright a simple javascript function called ajaxformget and I have included this in the head of the HTML page.

I have included an zip file which contains two files one of which is the HTML file which has all the embedded SpeedScript which produces the html web form and returns the AJAX requested table.

Just compile (Sports2000 db connected) & Run Ajax-demo.w from the URL.