Signing Data Using Private Key


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Hi Guys,

This is for anyone who worked with OAuth in Progress. Surprisingly, haven't found threads for Progress to do with such a process since it's so common these days.

I'm running an older version of Progress and need to sign my data using the RSA-SHA1 algorithm, meaning a Private Key.

I've followed the steps they have mentioned and used sslc to sign my data and then base64 encode the data.

Now on making a request to the website, I get an invalid signature error. This seems to indicate that the procedure I'm following is wrong. I've followed basic guides on what to do, using examples given in .NET and Java but without success.

I'm thinking this needs to be a process that requires a great deal of trial and error to actually code. Anyone out there with experience who can tell me if they have tried such a massive undertaking?

Many thanks!