Seeking great OpenEdge GUI development tutorial

Hi --

I'm wondering where to find a very good tutorial/walk-thru for making a GUI in ABL.

I just started learning Progress ABL (11.6) a couple of months ago, and have many years of experience making Winform apps using .NET. ABL is a bit similar to .NET when it comes to GUI development, but there's still a pretty steep learning curve. I've looked at a lot of documentation but nothing I've seen is good at all or assumes you already are an expert. I have a hunch that Progress (the company) or a private individual made a good one long ago, but google just can't find it.

Thanks in advance!


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For GUI development in ABL there are two development options - AppBuilder and Visual Designer - but do not know if an actual tutorial exists for either.

There is a bit of a tutorial for AppBuilder here - see the section called "Introducing the OpenEdge AppBuilder":

As you have experience of using .NET then Visual Designer which is installed as part of Progress Developer Studio would be the way to go. This is very similar to Visual Studio and creates ABL .NET code.

Progress provides 3 manuals for coding in ABL GUI .NET and these are:

GUI for .NET Primer
GUI for .NET Programming
GUI for .NET Mapping Reference

Some very good samples here that you may find helpful:

Tom Bergman has covered ABL .NET GUI for the Pug Challenges so well worth downloading these which you can find here:

Finally, a couple of PDFs: