Ruby adapter for OpenEdge databases released

Cringer Moderator
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I'm posting this on behalf of Abe Voelker who has tried to register but failed due to the email issues the server is having.

This post is to announce the availability of an OpenEdge adapter I wrote for the Ruby DataMapper framework, which will allow you to write Ruby code that interacts with OpenEdge databases (it uses the SQL-92 engine). I have an introductory blog post about it, which shows how to do basic CRUD operations, and a secondary post that guides the reader through writing a fully RESTful Web service / JSON API for interacting with customers of the "sports2000" database in less than 50 lines of Ruby code.

I think you will find Ruby to be a much more powerful and fulfilling language to use than ABL / Progress (also, it's really fun!). To be blunt I think it easily does everything ABL can do, but in a more eloquent and better-performing manner. This is the tool I wish I had back when I was a programming in Progress.

If you have any feedback or questions please comment on my blog posts or email me directly as I am unable to create a ProgressTalk account due to technical difficulties with the ProgressTalk server's email capabilities.


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You can leave feedback here as well, now that the email server has been fixed. I won't be checking the forum but should get email messages with any replies. Thanks to Cringer for fulfilling the role of "the mouth of Sauron." :)