rowid in promon


I am trying to find a record that is showing in promon --> 4 entry in the table using rowid

But its not finding the record. am I missing anything here?

Usr:Ten Name Domain Chain # Rowid Table:part Lock Flags Tran State Tran ID
9562 tuser 2 REC 334 1147662953 309 SHR D None FWD 1523225681

def var lv-c as char no-undo.
lv-c = "1147662953".
find tstatus where rowid(tstatus) = to-rowid(lv-c) no-lock no-error.
disp tstatus with 2 col

** No tstatus record is available. (91)

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Are you certain that table 309 in this database is "tstatus"?

find dictdb._file no-lock where _file._file-number = 309.
display _file._file-name.
find first customer exclusive-lock.
display recid( customer) string( rowid( customer )) format "x(30)".
97 0x0000000000000061

PROMON shows "97"