QXtend pool issue


That monitoring was in
place that should catch and alert on stuck pools.
we were notified by an internal monitoring
process that requests had not processed for over 30 minutes. Based on
investigation it looks like the pool stopped processing at roughly
We manually restarted at roughly
reviewed and sees service alerts about the stop/start, but NOT for
the pool stall issue. I will include his screenshot as an attachment.
We need to review why the monitoring of the stall situation is not
Can we investigate why the qxtend pool had issues and did not
function as expected?

Our monitoring only caught when they start/stopped the pool.

Please advise,


My first advice is to post this in the mfg/pro forum. This is an application specific issue that has little or nothing to do with database administration.

My second advice is that you need ProTop. The paid version of ProTop has monitors specifically designed to help you to keep an eye on qxtend.


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Thread moved to QAD.


Tom , ((

Can anybody resolve this please Tom.

no response still i am getting.


That is probably because you have not posted a clear question.

Aside from having been originally off-topic it looks as if you copied some text from an email that someone else sent you but left out various parts of it resulting in a rambling and incoherent post.

You have also forgotten to provide any background information about your Progress version, OS and OS version, application and application version (QAD has many versions of their product), what you have tried, he actual errors received. This sort of information is enormously helpful in narrowing down possible problems.

From our past interactions I am guessing that you are probably still using something criminally ancient, obsolete, and unsupported, that you are unlikely to take any advice that I offer, and that the chances of you providing useful clarifications when people ask you follow-up questions are nil.

I cannot speak for anyone else but I have no idea what the problem is or what you even hope anyone might do for you.


Sir Tom please help me. I am still awaiting from response from mfg/pro.Is anybody help on this.?


You have still not provided the background information regarding your system. Nor have you asked a question that anyone could possibly provide any response to.

Your original post was:

1) To the wrong forum. That has now been fixed (by Cringer).

2) Lacking any background regarding the various Progress, OS and application platforms and versions in use. (This is all still unknown.)

3) Incomplete gibberish copied from somewhere else. Among the various deficiencies: the text that you copied appears to refer to times when events happened (but the actual times are missing), references a "screenshot" (that is missing), and is apparently directing someone (you?) to review why the monitoring is not alerting (no specifics are provided regarding what is doing "the monitoring"). (You have not clarified any of that.)

4) Lacking an actual question that anyone could even attempt to respond to. (Still lacking.)

Here is what we know: you had a problem of some sort with qxtend.

I happen to know that qxtend is related to QAD. So my useful contribution has been to suggest that you have posted to the wrong forum.

[I also know that there is monitoring available in ProTop to keep an eye on qxtend. So I have suggested that you might benefit from having that (in the future - obviously it does nothing to help with the past). IMHO ProTop is a much better monitoring tool than whatever it was that failed to alert you. It even works with Progress version 9, which I am *guessing* you are probably still running. BTW -- we charge extra for supporting criminally ancient, obsolete and unsupported systems. And we collect in advance. Companies that are irresponsible in that way are not well known for paying their bills in a timely manner.]

If you would like a response to a particular problem you need to clearly state what that problem is. We cannot read your mind. We cannot see your screen. We do not have access to your log files. We are not talking to your users and managers and do not know what they are experiencing.

Everyone on this forum is here voluntarily -- nobody is being paid to support you.