ProTop 3.1415 has escaped!


ProTop 3.1415 is now available for download! Progress OpenEdge Monitoring with ProTop - White Star Software

Highlights include, but are not limited to:

  • Moved a lot of functions to different hot keys. You may want to study the help screen ("?") before you report that something is missing.
  • Improved the labelling of various fields on the dashboard and configuration screens.
  • Added self-monitoring. Uncomment the scheduled task in etc/schedule.cfg to enable self-monitoring of tmp/*.debug files.
  • Added quite a few color highlights to draw attention to interesting metrics. Yellow = warning, Red = alert, Green = Good job!.
  • Added a "dbIdle" column to "Active Transactions" (the "x" command). This field shows how long it has been since the session has accessed the database. This should help to identify long running transactions that are "just sitting there" (probably on a screen waiting for user input). The dbIdle can only be measured from the point where the "x" screen was invoked - so it is possible that a session that already had an active transaction could really be idle longer than is shown. (This is similar to the blocked session duration on the "b" screen.)
  • Improved the prompting for table and index names in the "users of" screens to prompt if the corresponding data has not been previously supplied when they are invoked.
  • Added a file viewer to enable viewing of reports from within ProTop ("v")
  • Finally figured out how to avoid the "selected" row on the browse widgets -- which means that there are now no more unhighlighted cells!
  • Added a localenv variable to let users control colors. Check it out! Take a look at "0" to fiddle with colors inside the UI in order to decide what you like. (The "0" key may change somewhere down the road, but I couldn't think of a better key to attach it to right now.)
  • Got to the bottom of the "error 49" problems when adding or removing panels to display. It turns out to be a Progress bug :( It is expected to be fixed in the next patch for 11.7 and 12.2. See NOTES, #28
  • Added bin\pt3win.bat. This script will run prowin.exe rather than _progres.exe (prowin.exe does not suffer from the bug above). It is less ugly than I expected. Do not expect any fancy GUI stuff to happen. There is no mouse support and if you get all clicky bad things are likely to happen. Do NOT use this as an excuse to make client-server connections.
  • Made the "dashboard", "configuration", and "osinfo" panels the same height. This makes it so that browse panels do not get resized when switching between "top of screen" viewer panels. This, in turn, makes the impact of error 49 (above) slightly less severe when using the default startup panels. Changed the command key for osInfo to lower-case "o" in order to make it consistent with "d"ashboard and "c"onfiguration.
  • Re-arranged the configuration panel to better group items. Added fields for -hashlatchfactor, -lkhash -cpterm. Removed 2PC and Failover Clusters. Changed from "excess" table and index to "unmonitored".
  • Messed around with osInfo. Since it got taller (see item #30) there is a lot of empty space so I added some fields. Thinking about adding more. Revisited AIX and HPUX and updated them.
  • Added 24 bit RGB colors to etc/protermcap.protop. (More details in NOTES file.)
  • Expanded the width of aiinfo "size" field to 1TB and added a "last op" field to show when extents have been switched, marked empty etc.
  • Added a new set of alerts for "slow after-image extent switching". If your IO subsystem is slow and klunky (i.e. SAN storage) and it sometimes takes a long time for the AIMGT daemon to copy FULL extents before marking them EMPTY then this alert is for you.
  • Added a "CSC Age" column on screens that show client-statement-cache information. This column tells you how old the CSC data is. (If the same statement is executed in a loop the CSC timestamp does not update - this is NOT a ProTop error.)
  • The default etc/schedule.cfg will now automatically purge and cleanup TMPDIR and LOGDIR weekly at 2 minutes past midnight Sunday.
  • Winnowing away as much conditional compilation code as possible. The number of &IF pre-processor statements in the code has been greatly reduced. This doesn't directly impact functionality but indirectly it means that the code is more resilient when things like "proutil updatevsts" have not been run since the usual alternative for things like &IF PROVERSION... is to switch to dynamic queries for the bits that are being handled conditionally.
Additional gory details can be found in the NOTES files.

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