ProTop 3.141 is in the wild!


It took longer than I expected (that pesky day job keeps getting in the way...) but ProTop 3.141 is now available to download!

Pop on over to Progress OpenEdge Monitoring with ProTop - White Star Software or your favorite dashboard and grab a fresh copy of the ProTop client.

Highlights that I am willing to confess to include:
  • Updated db startup parameter discovery to accomodate the purging of _Startup and _Statbase with oe12.
  • Fixed a problem with etime exceeding the size of an integer in lib/zippy.p
  • Fixed a problem with non-default -basetable and -baseindex resulting in incorrect table and index stats in releases prior to oe11.7
  • Added logRd to logWr ratio to dashboard, reordered the left most column a bit.
  • Slightly reordered the right most dashboard column (connections).
  • Added a new data collector for Pro2. The "2" command will display data about Pro2 and adding "Pro2Activity" to pt3agent.cfg will send that data to the portal for trending purposes.
  • Added LOB activity (LOB data is not available prior to OE12)
  • Re-mapped some keys. Type ? to see the new assignments on the help screen.
  • Fixed user table and index activity issues when non-default base and range are in use on the "U" screen.
  • Added new fields for user locks, lock HWM, TRX activity, -Bp usage and more to "U" (user info). Also re-aligned screen.
  • Removed unnecessary internal temp-table indexes to improve performance.
  • Fixed an issue with "users of" tables or indexes inappropriately remembering the history of tables and indexes being examined.
  • Fixed an issue with non-existent "use an existing custId" program flow at install time.
  • Fixed some problems with OS Info due to off-brand shells spewing non-standard output for "ulimit -a".
  • Cleaned up some issues with user names and "flags" on the uio screen
  • Fixed a problem with settings via the "%" command needing two iterations before they would "stick".
  • Fixed a Windows localization issue with options to WMIC when getting "df" data.


The current release cadence seems to be about 6 months so I would guess 3.1415 in the spring time frame and 3.14159 next fall.

OTOH I sometimes find free time or get in a groove... so you never know :)