ProgressNEXT 2019

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
ProgressNEXT 2019 Global User Conference

Is anyone here attending? I've looked over the agenda and... meh. Heavy on buzzwords and futuristic stuff, short on content that is in my wheelhouse. Like none. I realize the agenda isn't finalized yet but so far there is exactly zero content on OE 12.x or the RDBMS.

I have approval to attend but so far I'm having a hard time convincing myself that it's worth the high price tag.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
I don’t think you’re the target audience.
Clearly! I'm used to going to conferences where there is one, maybe two time slots that have nothing in my core interests. But there's always something I can attend, maybe about ABL or PASOE, to exercise a different part of my brain and learn about something that someone in my company does. But not this time.

It's just amazing to me how little OE content there is in this agenda, outside of a few sessions on PASOE.

<rant>I guess what I don't understand, given that this is their one big technical conference this year and I'm an OpenEdge partner, is: why am I not in the target audience? :confused: It seems like this is the "everything-Progress-does-except-OpenEdge conference". </rant>