Question Progress Schema Holder with SQL Database

Hi All,
Our SQL customers complain about the Dead Lock situation when a massive update happens..... However, customers using Progress DB have no issues.
If you have any KB Links for achieving better performance, precautions to be taken while writing the code etc...(with respect to the SQL DataServer) Kindly share.
I have downloaded one white paper from the net and below is the paragraph I was reading. If anyone can share more information with respect to the Exclusive Locks and releases(While writing from Progress to SQL), highly appreciate it.

"Exclusive Lock The Progress exclusive lock and DataServer exclusive lock are virtually the same thing. There can be subtle data-source dependencies that evoke slightly different behavior and/or possibilities for the exclusive lock condition. For instance, Microsoft SQL Server places an intent-to-update lock on a record before an exclusive lock is allowed. Multiple users can have intent-to-update locks but exclusive locks are applied serially and singularly. These subtleties may affect wait times, record contention, and the probability of a dead lock condition in unique ways even though the ultimate aim of the exclusive lock operation amongst all data sources is effectively the same. Oracle releases the lock at commit/rollback time.