Progress OpenEdge 11.7 and RHEL7 with symbolic links

I have an issue where I need to refresh my QAD test environment. I am running out of space, but I do have another file system that I can use.
With QAD2014SE, I have a great number of scripts that refer to the database directory as /db/env. I cannot create any new databases there, so I want to put the test databases in /db2/env without changing a lot of code. The simple answer is to use Linux symbolic links. The problem is that I can't with a multi-volume database. Is there a way to do this?
I was specifically thinking of putting the *.db files in /db/env and the extents in /db2/env. Is this a doable option?

David Langschied
How are you going to create these databases; probkup and prorest?

If so, you could just put modified structure files in the target location (/db/env/whatever) so that the data, AI, and BI extents will go in the location where you have more space. Then restore the databases and you will have .db, .lg, .lk etc. in /db and the big files in /db2.
No need for symlinks. To preserve your scripts, the only part of the database that must be in /db/env is the .db file. All of the rest of it can be moved elsewhere. You will need to modify the .st file to reflect new extent locations and then either restore a backup to those new locations, or move the files and run “prostrct repair”.

That was all awfully hand wavy but we can get more detailed if you need it.
The repair worked, but the database still needed to be restored from backup to get everything to function.

All worked and I thank both of you for your help.