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In the thick of the summer heat here in the OpenEdge world, we have a lot to share with our OpenEdge customers and partners. This post will highlight just a few things we have coming up over the next month or so.

First up: on August 18 we will have a webinar, 5 Reasons to Move to the OpenEdge 12 Series. With the release of the OpenEdge 12 series, your business has a choice when it comes to modernizing your application.

On this webinar, the team will walk you through the top five reasons why you should move to the OpenEdge 12 series from both a business and technical perspective. Along the way, they are planning to highlight a few honorable mentions!

They are also going to talk OpenEdge 12.2, our Long Term Supported (LTS) release, and 12.4, our latest non-LTS release. They'll discuss what you can find in each release as you move to modernize your application and see what the OpenEdge 12 series can do for your business. You can register for that webinar here.

If you can’t make the webinar, still register anyway—we will send you a recording as soon as it is available!

OpenEdge Celebrates a Milestone Birthday!​

You’ve all heard the old saying life begins at 40, but that doesn’t really apply to OpenEdge because technology changes so much. Instead, I’ll rephrase that thought by saying that a lot has happened in 40 years. As an OpenEdge customer and partner, I’m sure you’ve had some experiences that you want to share with the team, but we need your help. We want you to grab your photo albums or your cell phones to record a video and share those memories with us.

There are two ways to submit your memories. If you visit the link below, you can either upload a photo or use the link to record a video. I’ve seen some of the submissions so far and they are AMAZING!

In the spirit of sharing memories, here’s one that I recently found in my photos, featuring some of my fellow Progressers:


Submit Memory: OpenEdge Turns 40 | Progress OpenEdge

The team has lots of fun planned with your submissions in prepping for this milestone. We are keeping submissions open until September 15, so get your photos in!

I can’t wait to see what you all share with us!

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