[Progress News] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] The Ultimate Guide to ChefConf ’21: The DevOps Conference of the Year

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Jessica Kent

ChefConf ’21 will kick off September 7 with a bevy of DevOps and IT professionals who are ready to share their knowledge. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

This September will mark the 10th annual ChefConf, a three-day community event that brings together DevOps and IT experts from around the world. ChefConf ’21: Online will include keynotes, technical sessions and networking to help DevOps and IT professionals refine and enhance their skills.

If you’re still wondering what makes this a can’t-miss event, wonder no more: below is a comprehensive guide to everything ChefConf.

What is ChefConf?​

ChefConf is designed to provide strategies, tactics and insights for transformational application delivery organizations. The conference brings together DevOps and IT professionals from around the world to discuss the latest innovations in DevOps practices and the Progress Chef portfolio.

At ChefConf ‘21, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Learn about the benefits and opportunities enjoyed by Coded Enterprises.
  • Get an inside look at new product innovations and roadmaps for Chef Enterprise Automation Stack.
  • See automation benefits across all elements of application delivery lifecycle.
  • Understand how leading companies are solving DevOps and application delivery challenges.

With informative sessions at the introductory, advanced and expert levels, everyone can learn something at ChefConf ’21—whether you’re interested in DevOps, infrastructure management or compliance.

Who will be there?​

From Google to Hashicorp, Workday to H&R Block, this year’s ChefConf has an impressive lineup of experts. Here are just a few speakers you can expect at the event:

  • Leaders from SAP will discuss how they used Chef InSpec to design a compliance scanning system for their cloud accounts.
  • Speakers from Google and MITRE will demonstrate how to run InSpec for security and compliance validation of a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Mandi Walls of PagerDuty will talk about using automation to reduce your workload and share your expertise.

Interested in what else is on the menu? Check out the ChefConf ’21 Agenda for a complete list of speakers and sessions.

Why should I register?​

ChefConf is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with other DevOps and IT professionals, as well as Chef product managers. You’ll learn new tips and tricks on DevSecOps best practices and get the latest product updates from Chef’s leadership team—all while spending time with some of the brightest minds in tech.

So, don’t wait—get your ticket for ChefConf ’21 today!

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