[Progress News] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] The Results Are In: The 2022 Annual Progress OpenEdge Product Roadmap Survey

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Jessica Malakian

This annual survey allows our customers' voices to be heard and be used to shape the future of Progress OpenEdge.

The Annual Progress OpenEdge Product Roadmap Survey is designed to obtain direct feedback from our everyday product users to hear more about their experiences with OpenEdge. The OpenEdge team received excellent feedback on the product's path forward from our most recent survey, which had 321 responses from countries worldwide across multiple industries. The survey started on August 25 and closed on November 11, 2022.

As our customers closely leverage the OpenEdge platform, their opinions hold immense value. The OpenEdge team wholeheartedly appreciates the feedback gathered from the survey, using it as a compass to enhance the product in response to customer demands.

The survey also allows respondents to voice their opinions on the applicability, relevance and value of proposed improvements under consideration by the OpenEdge team. With their diverse experiences and extensive knowledge of OpenEdge, participants have the power to shape and refine the product, making it even better.

Survey Purpose​

The OpenEdge Product Management team uses this survey to gain insight into the utilization of OpenEdge. This allows them to get a better understanding of how customers are relying on the product. It also provides input from customers to inform the OpenEdge team about the future Roadmap and guide OpenEdge R&D priorities. It also helps us discover new trends and any unmet needs from our customers and partners.

Key Insights from the 2022 Survey Report​

Read just some of the fascinating discoveries from the 2022 Survey Report:

Survey Participation: Most respondents who participated in the survey are developers, followed by technology managers and technology executives.

Products in Production: The Progress Application Server is now being used more than the “classic” AppServer.

Embracing Innovation: Most of respondents, mainly developers, have expressed a keen interest in upgrading to OpenEdge more frequently, with plans to adopt a new release within three months.

Streamlining DevOps: The OpenEdge DevOps Framework emerged as a powerful solution, successfully addressing the top three DevOps challenges. It effectively reduces build time, simplifies management and ensures hassle-free shipping of packages.

Enhancing Integration: Many respondents reported utilizing their ABL applications to seamlessly call .NET objects, showcasing the integration capabilities of OpenEdge across Windows and Linux platforms.

Scalability Matters: Most respondents estimated their database size to be between 10GB and 250GB, highlighting the scalability features of OpenEdge.

Prioritizing Health: More than half of the participants emphasized the importance of health checks, with over 50% actively employing some form of health check mechanism.

Read the Full Report​

To explore the comprehensive findings and insights, we invite you to read the full report, available here.

We deeply thank our loyal customers and partners for their invaluable feedback. Make sure to take part in the next OpenEdge Product Survey to give your feedback and help shape the future of OpenEdge.

Read the Report

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