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Joelle Andrews

QAD specializes in Manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Progress OpenEdge specializes in modern application development and data management. Together, QAD and Progress offer best-in-class professional services for customers of QAD.

In the final days of summer, you may try to go to one more concert or festival before the weather turns. While you’re there, a vendor may sell you a hot dog and a tall, cold beer. If that beer comes in an aluminum cup, take a close look—it may be made by Ball Corporation.

The Ball Aluminum Cup is a fully recyclable beverage cup that in 2020 eliminated 271,000 plastic cups from use in Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado.

Ball Corporation uses QAD for their Manufacturing ERP. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a software tool that helps companies manage and integrate important parts of their business, including purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources. As a Manufacturing ERP, QAD specializes in streamlining operations for manufacturers so that the manufacturers can focus on growing their businesses. QAD works with businesses in several manufacturing industries, including automotive, food and beverage, high tech, industrial, life sciences, and consumer products.

Progress and QAD​

You may be asking, what does this have to do with Progress? QAD and Progress have a 38-year history as users of one another’s solutions.

By running on QAD, they're running on Progress.
—Carter Lloyds, CMO of QAD

Tony Winter, CTO of QAD, says that in those days they wished “there was some new technology that was more open,” and that they could “write software once and use it in many places.” Using Progress OpenEdge, QAD made that a reality, and the relationship between QAD and Progress has flourished ever since.

Carter Lloyds, CMO of QAD, offers an interesting insight, saying, “At QAD, we’re very proud of our customer success. Eight of the top 10 automotive parts manufacturers in the world are running on QAD, and by running on QAD, they’re running on Progress.” As a close and long-time partner of QAD, we are also thrilled to see the success of QAD customers.

Helping QAD Customers​

Progress is in a unique position thanks to our close ties with QAD. We’ve won QAD Consulting Partner of the Year and the QAD Technology Partner of the Year awards. Thanks to our years of working together, the Progress Professional Services team can offer customized support for QAD clients ranging from a quick database health check to complete database support. In fact, our Services team manages over 3,100 databases around the world.

We know the technical and functional needs and challenges of QAD users. Our Services team comprises APICS-certified and QAD-certified experts who also know the ins and outs of Progress OpenEdge.

Perhaps you are interested in the OpenEdge Pro2 data replication solution, but you don’t have the bandwidth to constantly maintain and monitor your system. Our team of experts is ready and available 24x7, checking for critical alert notifications and identifying bottlenecks on replications threads that would otherwise slow your business down. Or, go a step further with Pro2 Archive Services. This adds Progress Services Archive Delete Utility (ADU) to your Pro2 data replication so that you are continually archiving and replicating data to an MSSQL or Oracle repository. Your database performance will thank you for it.

If you’re looking for personalized experiences, Progress Professional Services is the team to help. Our MDBA (Managed Database Service Administration) professionals work with businesses like they are members of our own team. Our experts can document your environment, provide stability and tuning recommendations, and of course offer round-the-clock monitoring. We can also help with other database concerns, including platform migrations, upgrades, disaster recovery planning and dump and loads.

Ultratec is a leader in developing and manufacturing new technologies for people with hearing loss. When Ultratec decided to implement QAD for their ERP system they realized they needed assistance augmenting the skills of their internal IT team. The team they chose was Progress MDBA Services. Bob Lansing, Director of IT Support at Ultratec, says “We worked with another vendor to implement QAD into our environment, but we were struggling in getting the level of response that was necessary. We are a 24/7 operation that requires a near-immediate response.” It was no problem for the Progress MDBA team to step in. Lansing says, “The stability of our system now is excellent. When we do run into an issue, we have the response from our DBA that we need.”

Work with Progress​

Progress is proud of its close ties with QAD, and that relationship extends to the customers of QAD. We understand manufacturers need to reduce redundancy and automate processes so that they can operate more efficiently. Entire supply chains, inventories, and warehouses can hinge on the accuracy and real-time metrics of a good Manufacturing ERP system.

QAD users use Progress. We are here to support those businesses. Reach out to our expert Professional Services team for any Progress OpenEdge database or application needs. Just like our partners at QAD, we want to see your business succeed.

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