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With Progress OpenEdge, developers are more productive.

Developers can't afford to let anything slow them down on critical projects for the organization in today's competitive landscape. Developers need to be mindful of the development platforms they use for their projects to ensure that they can program quicker, easier and at a lower cost.

Progress OpenEdge, an application development platform for developing, deploying and managing business applications supercharges developer productivity in every space imaginable, such as manufacturing, healthcare and travel.

How Does OpenEdge Improve Developer Productivity?​

Productivity isn't determined by how much code a developer writes alone, but also, by how much that developer adds to the value of the enterprise.

OpenEdge improves developer productivity by simplifying complex tasks of writing software and automating repetitive activities to free up the developer's time to create imperative business logic. OpenEdge develops reliable, high-quality business apps that won't quickly go out of date, are upwards compatible and are easy and quick to use.

Code with ABL​

The Advanced Business Language (ABL), OpenEdge's powerful programming language, is the foundation of the OpenEdge development environment. This is the only language on the market specifically intended to build end-to-end business applications, including business logic, user interfaces and complex data management.

As a fourth-generation language (4GL), ABL is especially well-suited for top-tier business applications because it allows application developers to manage relational data in a way that models how the business runs.

The business logic that powers the business is the only thing an OpenEdge developer needs to focus on when creating in ABL.

See OpenEdge ABL in Action​

Java in ABL​


Python and ABL​


.NET and ABL​


JavaScript and ABL​


Become an OpenEdge Developer Today​

Progress allows you to increase productivity and achieve goals with our professional expertise and educational resources. From beginner to advanced, boost your knowledge of OpenEdge database development, integration and management skills with on-demand courses and instructor-led training.

Start today!

Thousands of Progress customers worldwide have adopted OpenEdge as their development platform of choice.

Start your OpenEdge Developer journey with us today! Get more information here.

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