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Progress’ partner Flywheel has developed a series of Progress Sitefinity Insight tutorials to help marketers pick up the pace and improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing initiatives.

Ask any of your LinkedIn connections who work in marketing about their top priorities, and chances are that you will easily spot a pattern. At Progress, we have done a fair share of market research and surveys and the same initiatives and priorities seem to top the scorecards:

  • Proving ROI
  • Attracting and retaining new customers
  • Achieving brand consistency
  • Creating efficient customer journeys
  • Adopting data-driven marketing, insight and personalization
  • Optimizing cost

Major analyst firms and even some of our competitors share the same sentiment: that marketing leaders often struggle to stay on top of market trends or make use of the data they already have.

Technology is Essential. Preparation is Key.​

Our professional journey is riddled with challenges that can prevent us from reaching our goals, bringing key initiatives to a stall and wearing us out. Clashing priorities, operational silos, internal and external dynamics, fragmented systems and data sources—each claiming to be the single source of truth—also might prevent us from staying on track.

There is No Shortcut to Happiness, but Does the Journey Need to be Tedious?​

While lacing up running shoes is a great start, signing up for the Boston Marathon is something to plan for down the road. As with running, picking up a hobby, trying to reinforce a good habit or getting to know a piece of software, we need to start small. Only then will we get to incrementally pick up the skills and build the stamina to paddle through rough waters, climb summits or overcome common business challenges.

We can all agree that CMOs generally have to deal with more strategic hurdles, such as improving efficiency and optimizing ROI from every dollar spent on marketing, battling the overdependence on IT or trying to figure out how to avoid inefficient use of marketing technology across the company.

On the other hand, many practitioners (myself included) often need more tools and require additional enablement and knowledge on how to get from A to B on their digital maturity journey. After all, we all need a helping hand now and then.

Where Do I Start? Crawl. Walk. Run.​

This brings us to the topic of this blog. It is about learning the fundamentals of Progress Sitefinity Insight, advancing into its magical capabilities and understanding how to leverage its powerful features. With Sitefinity Insight, you can accelerate your digital maturity, master the art of building a customer data platform, understand your visitors, personalize the user journey and optimize marketing campaigns. Sitefinity Insight is the AI-driven copilot of Sitefinity DX and helps you understand the “Whys” so you can focus on the “Hows.”

Get a 1:1 Sitefinity Insight Demo

Keep Moving Forward with Your Digital Marketing.​

Keeping things simple, Progress Partner Flywheel Strategic has developed a series of onboarding videos to help you understand the core concepts of data and insight-driven marketing, such as personas, conversions, touchpoints, attribution, personalization, A/B testing and journey mapping. You can incrementally build confidence and pick up your pace without getting tired.

Here is the first tutorial providing an answer on how Sitefinity Insight will help boost the impact of your digital experience.

What else is included?

While the Sitefinity Insight onboarding program is designed for existing Sitefinity Insight users, anyone considering re-platforming to Sitefinity from a legacy CMS can benefit from these tutorials. Developers, web administrators and digital marketers—all are invited.

Sitefinity Insight Onboarding

The onboarding program is split into 16 short videos (up to five minutes long) covering the following topics:

  • #1 - Understand how Sitefinity Insight will help boost the impact of your digital experience.
  • #2 - Introduction to Personas and how understanding Personas will help sharpen your message for specific audience segments.
  • #3 - The value of Journey Mapping and how it helps you better articulate your entire user's experience.
  • #4 - Effectively track and measure your overall business objectives using conversions.
  • #5 - Learn what a Touchpoint is and how to navigate and create a story within Sitefinity Insight.
  • #6 - Best practices for configuring Sitefinity Insight.
  • #7 - Building your Personas into Sitefinity Insight with the right rules.
  • #8 - Proving you have the right ROI by setting up the conversions correctly.
  • #9 - Capturing form data events and learning how to connect Sitefinity CMS forms to Sitefinity Insight.
  • #10 - The value of reporting results effectively.
  • #11 - Tracking touchpoints to influence conversions.
  • #12 - Use Uplift & Attribution to understand how your touchpoints influence conversions.
  • #13 - How leads scoring can help focus your outreach and engagement activities.
  • #14 - How to tap into Sitefinity Insight's amazing opportunity to customize the digital experience for each user.
  • #15 - How to find which content (or changes to your website design) works best with A/B Testing.
  • #16 - A quick recap of what’s covered and suggestions for moving forward.

Anyone who’s walked the walk will tell you that if you want to succeed, you’ll need to go slow to go fast. We hope this onboarding program will help you determine where you want to go before stepping on the accelerator.

The Sitefinity Insight Onboarding Videos by Flywheel can be located at their website at: Flywheel Strategic | Sitefinity Insight Onboarding Videos

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