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Todd Wright

One of the perks of holding a marketing position in the data space is the wide array of compelling quotes available for kickstarting a blog. While timeless favorites like “data is the new oil” or “data is the new bacon” persist, it's challenging to dispute the truth captured by Hilary Mason, founder of Fast Forward Labs, when she stated, "The core advantage of data is that it tells you something about the world that you didn't know before."

In an era where the world generates staggering amounts of data daily, organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to better understand their customers and markets. However, this opportunity is not without its challenges. According to the 2023 Progress DataDirect Connectivity Survey and webinar, 44% of organizations feel that their data users have limited or no knowledge of the available data sources, while nearly 50% believe these users lack knowledge on how to access these sources. Therefore, for organizations to glean insights from data, there must be a program that identifies available data and a solution to access it that would enhance operational, reporting and analytical needs.

The PruTech Advantage​

One organization that realizes the importance of data connectivity and analytics is PruTech. With a 25-year history, PruTech provides digital transformation expertise to its clients via IT services ranging from cloud migration, cloud application development, cybersecurity and custom application development.

One particular offering from PruTech is an industry-agnostic solution called the Secure Database Gateway. Offering fine-grained data encryption, this solution not only encrypts underlying data, but analyzes data requests in real time, and blocks suspicious requests. Originally designed for a healthcare provider, this solution is supported by a centralized system for policy management access.

Given the mandate from their healthcare client to migrate numerous applications from on-premises to the cloud, safeguarding sensitive data was paramount. The Secure Database Gateway, functioning as an ODBC/JDBC gateway to connect applications to databases and provide maximum interoperability and ease, also enforces data encryption policies based on user access. This involves connecting to central access policy servers and identity access management systems, retrieving user and policy information and applying this knowledge as it accesses data within the database. The gateway inspects all executed queries, enforcing fine-grained encryption based on developed policies during data movement between applications and databases. Additional enterprise features include a central web-based management console for provisioning, managing, monitoring and updating configurations.

Why Did PruTech Choose Progress DataDirect?​

By incorporating the Progress DataDirect solution, OpenAccess SDK, PruTech capitalized on numerous enterprise connectivity features. Using the database drivers that come with OpenAccess, PruTech enhanced its solution to inspect and encrypt data based on policies when receiving different queries. Leveraging best practices, documentation and methodologies from Progress DataDirect, PruTech also streamlined the development and delivery of its solution. The partnership also allowed PruTech to utilize features and scripts for performance and functional testing within OpenAccess SDK. The PruTech and Progress DataDirect collaboration accelerated a healthcare organization’s journey to the Cloud, while consistently meeting data security and privacy requirements. This collaboration alleviated common issues that often arise when application teams attempt to implement their own security solutions.

Ready to Learn More?​

PruTech and Progress DataDirect recently teamed up to present a webinar that delves deeper into the PruTech solution and highlights the importance of embedding data connectivity.

Watch the webinar to explore:

  • The PruTech approach to security and how they keep their customers’ data safe
  • A demo from PruTech showcasing their solution and highlighting where Progress DataDirect played a key role
  • What led PruTech to partner with Progress DataDirect
  • More about PruTech, their history and how they help organizations regardless of industry

To learn how Progress DataDirect can help support your data connectivity journey, just ask the experts.

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