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Jessica Malakian

Progress OpenEdge collaborated with Tiffany Janzen from Tiff in Tech, a talented tech software developer and influencer who jumped headfirst into showing off how cool it is to develop an application using Progress OpenEdge.

In this captivating video, we witness Tiff's journey as she constructs a cutting-edge app that seamlessly displays location data on Bing Maps, all thanks to the unrivaled capabilities of Progress OpenEdge, specifically version 12.6.

At the heart of Tiff's development process lies the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PAS for OpenEdge) and the Advanced Business Language (ABL). These indispensable tools empower Tiff to harness the true potential of OpenEdge, revealing its remarkable efficiency compared to other programming languages. Tiff is astounded by the immense power and effectiveness of ABL code within OpenEdge.

In Tiff's video, we witness a seamless integration of crucial employee details such as their employee number, last name, phone number and email. This real-time data retrieval happens within a matter of minutes. This results in an interactive Bing Map that promptly displays the geographic locations of all employees, offering a comprehensive overview of their distribution. To add another layer of usefulness, by simply selecting any of the push pins on the map, users can see the person's name and job title.

"The Progress OpenEdge application platform really makes things efficient. We do not need to update the buffer copy statement as it already knows internally which Fields can be copied,” Tiffany noted.

From Tiff's video, it becomes clear that Progress OpenEdge enables developers of all levels, novice or seasoned pros, to enhance productivity and achieve their goals with unrivaled professional expertise and a wealth of educational resources.

Tiff emphasizes the availability of invaluable resources for those aspiring to become OpenEdge developers or seeking to enhance their existing skills. Regardless of your experience level, you can elevate your knowledge of OpenEdge with the free OpenEdge Developer Learning Path and Certification.

"I would suggest checking out OpenEdge because it's something that will really help you stand out on your resume. There are thousands of mission-critical applications written in ABL in multiple industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, travel, finance and tons more," Tiffany said.

The path is wide open for anyone wanting to become an OpenEdge developer, with free training opportunities covering everything you need to know about ABL and OpenEdge across eight self-paced courses. By embracing this complimentary training and certification program, you unlock new career possibilities and leave a lasting impact.

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Working with Tiff has been a pleasure, and we look forward to future partnerships to showcase the power of OpenEdge.

Make sure to watch the video here!

CODE WITH ME | Code An Employee Finder | See Amazing Results with Progress OpenEdge and Bing Maps!

Are you interested in becoming an OpenEdge developer? Learn more here and check out the free training and certification course here.

Also, be sure to check out Tiff in Tech on YouTube. Click here to learn more.

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