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Nishanth Kadiyala

Hybrid Data Pipeline can be deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS)—or any cloud infrastructure—with your application, providing a single standard interface to on-premises data without any VPNs or SSH tunnels.

Progress DataDirect Hybrid Connectivity solutions simplify commercial application deployments to the cloud that require secure access to back office data without any network configuration such as VPN or SSH tunnels. Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) is our fully embeddable service engineered for distribution with your cloud hosted application, delivering secure and firewall friendly data access from any cloud infrastructure across AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean and more. In contrast, DataDirect Cloud is a version of HDP that is hosted and managed by Progress.

Using patented on-premises connector technology, HDP provides secure access to get connected to data and applications behind your customers’ firewalls without opening any ports or VPN. This also accelerates POCs in the cloud for new prospects evaluating your application in the cloud, without dealing with delays around network configuration.

DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline Overview

You can learn more about how Hybrid Data Pipeline helps you access data from any cloud source or an on-premises source behind a firewall here. Prefer to watch a video or take in an infographic? We have you covered below.

Hybrid Data Pipeline and Amazon AWS

Deploy DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline on Amazon AWS

This tutorial will help you deploy HDP on Amazon Web Services.

Configure On-Premises Connector for Hybrid Data Pipeline on AWS

This tutorial will help you configure the on-premises connector to work with HDP from AWS.

Deploy and Configure Hybrid Data Pipeline with Your Application on Other Clouds

HDP is engineered to be embedded with applications running on any cloud infrastructure beyond AWS. You can support your application deployment in any cloud your customer wants, such as Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, SoftLayer, DigitalOcean, Linode, CenturyLink and more. We are continuing to publish more tutorials on our tutorial site, so check it out to learn how to easily deploy in other clouds.

Read these tutorials today to get started with Hybrid Data Pipeline on AWS:

Deploy HDP on AWS

Configure the On-Premises Connector

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