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[progress News] [progress Openedge Abl] Datadirect Hybrid Connectivity Services: Case Studies

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Nishanth Kadiyala

In this blog, we outline how DataDirect Hybrid Connectivity Services—DataDirect Cloud & Hybrid Data Pipeline—help enterprises leverage disparate data.

The inevitable enterprise movement towards a hybrid environment has finally materialized due to the rise of cloud sources and necessity of on-premises data. Hybrid environments let you fully leverage both on-premises and cloud data sources. In order to do so, it is critical for your organization to be able to support connectivity across the entire hybrid architecture.

Hybrid Environment Comes with 3 Major Problems

Progress DataDirect predicted the following connectivity problems that would arise due to hybrid infrastructure:

  1. Accessing on-premises data: This is complex since the connector must traverse the firewall
  2. APIs in need of support will increase exponentially: A result of the explosion of Cloud/SaaS apps
  3. Data access across all applications: As organizations continue to democratize data, your application data should be accessible from a variety of other applications
DataDirect Cloud and Hybrid Data Pipeline Offer the Solution

We launched DataDirect Cloud to solve these problems. DataDirect Cloud is our hybrid connectivity solution hosted by us on AWS. We also offer a self-hostable version of DataDirect Cloud called Hybrid Data Pipeline. Re-engineered from DataDirect Cloud, Hybrid Data Pipeline can be run wherever you like—on other public clouds, a private cloud or on-premises.

Success Stories by Use Case

Our award-winning solution has enabled organizations to successfully migrate into a hybrid environment. Here are the top three Case Studies that will help you understand how enterprises benefit from our connectivity solution:

  1. BOARD International: Access On-Premises Data Behind the Firewall Using Our Data Gateway

    As BOARD International moved to the cloud, a major roadblock to customer adoption was on-premises connectivity. To solve this, BOARD leveraged DataDirect Cloud. Traditionally, BOARD customers would have had to connect to a VPN to get through the firewall. However, our patented on-premises connectivity gateway made it easy for customers to adopt BOARD’s cloud solution.

    In addition to resolving connectivity issues, BOARD is now able to OEM the DataDirect Cloud drivers and expects 75 to 80 percent of its customers will migrate to the cloud over the next few years.

    Learn More

  2. Chatham Financial: Single interface to All Cloud Data Sources

    The major challenge for Chatham Financial was that different cloud providers require different APIs to move data in and out of the platform. In this case, they wanted a single secure, turnkey solution to connect to Salesforce and Marketo.

    They turned to DataDirect Cloud's suite of connectors that securely connected these applications and respective data. Security is very important for such a financial institution and they were happy that we passed all their rigorous security tests. Today, Chatham Financial is able to access Salesforce and Marketo data while meeting the stringent security standards

    Learn More

  3. Intuit: Expose Your data Through a Standard Interface and in a Firewall-Friendly Manner

    As Intuit shifted to Salesforce, they faced the challenge of integrating legacy CRM data into Salesforce. Thanks to Salesforce Connect and DataDirect Cloud, Intuit was able to leverage the OData standard to integrate their legacy CRM data. How did they do this?

    Intuit produces OData from their legacy database using DataDirect Cloud. This data is in turn consumed by Salesforce using Salesforce Connect. At the same time as this process, our on-premises connector gateway quickly and easily exposed this data in a firewall-friendly manner. Thanks to the combination of DataDirect Cloud and Salesforce Connect, Intuit can keep its data on-premises while still enabling its sales and marketing teams to gain on-demand access to their data.

    Learn More

The DataDirect Hybrid Connectivity solution was first launched, tested and proven through DataDirect Cloud. The same award-winning technology has been re-engineered to develop a more flexible Hybrid Data Pipeline that customers can run wherever and however they like.

Our technology has consistently solved major connectivity problems across all industries. You can learn more about them in our hybrid cloud solutions page. Or go ahead and get started today with a free trial.

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