[Progress News] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Corticon.js 2.1 Meets MarkLogic: New Features and Enhanced Capabilities with the Latest Release

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Hinal Patel

In an era where data drives decisions, the integration of Progress Corticon.js 2.1 with the Progress MarkLogic platform is a significant step forward. The latest release of Corticon.js 2.1 brings the exciting new ability to deploy business rules to the Progress MarkLogic platform. Progress MarkLogic combines the power of a multi-model database, high-performance search and agile integration tools in a single platform. With new integration capabilities, users can achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, efficiency and agility in their decision-making processes.

In addition to its MarkLogic integration capabilities, Corticon.js 2.1 expands the JavaScript APIs to make it easier to integrate with external systems.

MarkLogic Integration: Features and Capabilities​

For MarkLogic users, combining Corticon.js 2.1 with the MarkLogic platform introduces a transformative approach to data management and decision automation. This integration is particularly advantageous for users looking to enhance their operational efficiencies and decision-making accuracy across complex data landscapes.

In use cases such as processing benefit claims or performing data harmonization to refine data added to MarkLogic, Corticon.js 2.1 is the perfect fit. With Corticon.js 2.1, users can now create self-contained JavaScript packages with business rules that operate directly within MarkLogic. This proximity to the data enhances processing efficiency and optimizes performance.

This is a pivotal mark in sectors where decisions need to be both rapid and precise, such as financial services, healthcare, public sector and more. Within these industries, tasks like processing insurance claims, meeting compliance or managing patient data require speed and accuracy to prevent costly errors and delays.

Why Is This Important?​

Organizations can substantially reduce latency, streamline data processing and facilitate consistent application and transparency of decision logic across all data by enabling the direct execution of decision services on MarkLogic. This enhances the overall quality of business operations and outcomes. This leap forward not only simplifies the IT landscape but also empowers business users and subject matter experts with the tools to quickly adapt to changing business requirements so their operations remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital environment.

Let’s Give an Example​

Healthcare providers must process thousands of patient records and insurance claims efficiently and accurately amid a labyrinth of treatment types, insurance policies and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

With Corticon.js 2.1 running directly on the MarkLogic platform, healthcare providers can now automate the entire decision-making process related to patient care and claim processing. This is achieved by encoding healthcare regulations, insurance policy rules and treatment protocols as business rules within Corticon.js. These rules are then deployed directly on the MarkLogic platform, eliminating the need for external processing systems.

By processing patient records and claims in real time, this direct deployment significantly reduces the latency associated with using an external system. It enables decisions to be made based on the most up-to-date information, directly where the data resides. As a result, healthcare providers observe a drastic reduction in processing times and patients receive timely care and benefits.

This integration highlights one of the many possible use cases where Corticon.js 2.1 can help organizations across various industries streamline their decision-making processes, enhance operational efficiency and meet compliance with regulatory standards.

Expanding the JavaScript APIs: Integration and Benefits​

Corticon.js 2.1 marks an advancement in the integration capabilities of decision services, introducing a suite of new APIs designed to simplify the process. One significant improvement in this release is the streamlined method for incorporating data from external services directly into the decision-making payloads.

With the addition of these APIs, developers can now add external data to their payloads with unprecedented ease using just a single line of code. This development makes it easier to integrate external data sources into your rules, bypassing the need to use the Progress Corticon API for creating and associating individual entities manually. Instead, any JSON data retrieved through a custom extension can now be effortlessly included in the payload being processed. This enhancement not only simplifies the workflow but also reduces the potential for errors and decreases the time developers spend on integration tasks.

The introduction of these capabilities in Corticon.js 2.1 significantly enhances the flexibility and efficiency of decision services. By facilitating easier data integration, developers can extend the reach and applicability of Corticon.js decision services, making them even more powerful tools for a variety of scenarios.


The release of Corticon.js 2.1 signifies a substantial advancement in decision automation, particularly with its integration with the Progress MarkLogic platform. This collaboration effort introduces a new era of efficiency and accuracy in data-driven decision-making, providing industries such as healthcare, financial services, the public sector and more with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of modern data environments.

With expanded JavaScript APIs in this version, integration of external data is simplified, and developers are empowered to innovate and adapt to changing business regulations faster. As organizations continue to seek solutions that bridge the gap between data complexity and operational efficiency, Corticon.js 2.1 stands out as a pivotal step toward achieving streamlined, precise and reliable decision-making processes. With its direct execution on MarkLogic, Corticon.js 2.1 is not only a technological advancement but also a strategic asset for enterprises that want to thrive in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Ready to try these new capabilities yourself? Download the latest version of Corticon.js for a free 90-day trial!

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