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Jessica Kent

After more than two years of Zoom calls, Teams meetings and virtual conferences, in-person events are back—and we know you can’t wait to attend.

The pandemic came with a lot of changes, but the shift to virtual everything was perhaps the most noteworthy.

Work, concerts, graduation ceremonies, casual meetups with friends and family—all of these happened onscreen for two plus years.

Now, the tide is turning. We’re getting used to seeing smiling faces as more events return in person. This September 11-14, we’re proud to welcome you in-person for Progress360. It’s a multi-dimensional event where developers, IT operations, security professionals and executive decision makers can come together, gain insights and have fun.

Progress360 will include DevReach, ChefConf and an exclusive, invitation-only Executive Forum for senior IT leaders. The event will empower attendees with the information, products and personal connections they need to succeed in a technology-driven world.

Here are five reasons to come out from behind the screen this September:

1. Explore a New City​

One of the coolest things about attending a conference in-person is the chance to see and experience somewhere new.

Progress360 will take place at The Westin Seaport District in Boston. As the capital of Massachusetts and the most populous city in the state, Boston has no shortage of things to do and see—and summer may be its best season.

Take a walk down one of the many historic streets, people-watch at one of the outdoor cafes or stroll through its green parks—it’s all in Boston. Or, for a more solid itinerary of non-conference activities, here are a few fun things happening around the city September 10-15:

2. Network with Peers Face-to-Face​

While we all love Zoom, nothing compares to in-person conversations with people you might never meet otherwise.

Progress360 will bring together some of the brightest minds in tech, from developers to IT security and operations professionals and executive decision makers.

Developers will have the chance to connect with industry peers and discuss modern web frameworks, including Blazor, Angular and React, as well as the future of .NET desktop and mobile. For IT operations and security professionals, conversations will flow as sessions will focus on policy-as-code best practices and use cases, as well as ways of establishing a DevOps people and tech approach.

Executive decision makers will be able to participate in the Progress360 Executive Forum, a one-day, invite-only event where senior business, IT and security leaders will discuss using AI and automation, security automating infrastructure and more.

No matter who or where someone is in the tech sector, Progress360 will offer plenty of networking opportunities.

3. Connect with Knowledgeable Keynote Speakers​

In addition to connecting with their peers, in-person conferences allow attendees to come together with subject matter experts and industry leaders.

Progress360 attendees will hear from a lineup of speakers, innovators and thought leaders from some of the biggest pioneers in the world, including Amazon, GetHuman, Google, H&R Block, Microsoft, Panera, SAP, VMWare and more.

At DevReach, attendees will get to choose from 40+ technical sessions from industry experts. Key speakers will include Alisa Duncan, Senior Developer Advocate at Okta; Julie Lerman, Software Coach and Pluralsight Author, .NET and DDD; Rachel Kang, Software Engineer at Microsoft; and Adedwale Akinfaderin, Data Scientist at Amazon.

ChefConf will bring together the Chef community and DevOps professionals from organizations worldwide. ChefConf will feature sessions with Jay Thoden Van Velzen, Head of Security Operations at SAP; Brittany Woods, Manager, Server Automation at H&R Block; and Stephanie Laingen, Software Engineer at TapHere!.

At our exclusive Executive Forum, senior business, IT and security leaders will hear thought leadership insights designed to inform and inspire better business outcomes. Attendees will hear from Progress CEO, Yogesh Gupta; Loren Jarrett, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Developer Tools at Progress; Sundar Subramanian, Executive Vice President, General Manager of DevOps at Progress and more. You can see the full lineup of Forum presenters on the Executive Forum page.

4. Attending the After Parties​

Maybe the best part of an in-person conference? It’s not all business all the time.

At Progress360, attendees will spend the better part of the day learning, listening and networking—but they’ll also get to enjoy the perks of welcome receptions and happy hours. It’s called balance, and this event will have plenty of it.

5. Experiencing the Energy of a Live Event​

There’s nothing quite like an in-person gathering of the brightest minds in an industry. An event like that creates an unparalleled sense of enthusiasm and passion—and those who attend Progress360 will get to be a part of it.

Hear from some of the best in business, IT and security, exchange ideas and insights and come away with actionable tips and products that will help drive your organization forward. Don’t wait—register for Progress360 today to reserve your seat.

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