Progress Auditing

Stefio Almeida

New Member
Hi Forum,

I have been struggling to decipher the following issue that relates to Application Context feature of Progress Auditing.

When I run below code from Progress Editor, I do not see record in _aud-audit-data table.

define variable gcAppContext as character no-undo.

gcAppContext = AUDIT-CONTROL:SET-APPL-CONTEXT("foo1.p").

disp AUDIT-CONTROL:APPL-CONTEXT-ID format "x(25)".



for each _aud-audit-data no-lock
where _audit-data-guid = AUDIT-CONTROL:APPL-CONTEXT-ID :
   display _aud-audit-data._Event-context.
This works fine in another environment (snapshot below). What could cause this ?

Thank you in advance for your time.


Cringer Moderator
Staff member
I'm a little hazy on auditing, but I believe you have to be authenticated with the database as a user with auditing rights in order to access auditing data. So I would check the rights on the database that works vs the one that doesn't.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
I would expect that if your user didn't have Audit Administrator or Audit Data Reporter privilege then the code wouldn't compile. You would get ** Insufficient access privilege for table _aud-audit-data. (234).

I would first check that both environments have the same list of audit events and policies loaded and active.