Progress 8.3b workgroup

Daniel Di Marco

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Please, I need service pack for Progress 8.3b Workgroup.
Is for old instalation and is not compatible to migrate to new version
Now, present continuos prowin32 for Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2008, both 64 bits

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Progress 8.3B is from the 1990s. I doubt you'll get code from Progress, though you can try, if your maintenance contract is up to date. You haven't actually said which service pack you are on and which one you need, which someone fulfilling your request would probably want to know. If you can't upgrade to a newer version of Progress, you may want to think about going to 8.3E rather than trying to patch 8.3B.

Of course, there is no guarantee that code that old will run or even install on a relatively modern operating system.

Also, you really shouldn't be asking anyone other than Progress for Progress code.

Daniel Di Marco

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Thanks for response. In the present, my version is 11 and have contract with Progress.
The latest version in Progress is 9.1E and is not posibility obtein older versions.


In your first post you refer to 8.3b.

You mention something apparently quite unrelated about prowin32 and list various Windows releases and 64 bits.

You mentioned "not compatible to migrate to new version" with no context - migrating what? The code? The data? Both? Something else?.

Now you say that "my version is 11" and throw out a reference to 9.1e.

I suggest that you slow down, back away from the keyboard, take a deep breath and try explaining what the problem it is that you are trying to solve. Don't confine yourself to listing random versions of software. Explain the problem that you are facing.


As Rob said - you must contact support at Progress Software for that. Even if anyone here happened to have anything that old we could not legally share it with you.


And you still haven't explained your problem. Which could potentially be solved in some perfectly legal way if we knew what the problem actually is.

Daniel Di Marco

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Thanks for yours responses.

The last week we migrate the services to Windows 2003 32 bits.

Now, the system is stable.

I comunicated to the developers: search code, review and begin work to replace to new version.


Windows 2003 is also ancient, obsolete and unsupported.

Search code for what?

If you are planning to upgrade to a new version of Progress:

1) Windows 2003 should not be your target server platform.

2) 32 bit environments are also ancient, obsolete and getting close to being unsupported. You should be planning on a 64 bit environment.

3) OpenEdge 11.7 should be the minimum Progress version that you aim for. There is no point to going from 8.3 to 9 or 10 or 11.6 or anything less than 11.7. You would just be wasting your effort and losing out on the benefits of getting up to date.

4) Progress 4GL is incredibly upward compatible -- it will almost certainly work on the new platform with only minor adjustments.

4a) Unless the application consists of a lot of Windows GUI client code. That can be a lot more difficult to move forward. But even that is mostly because of 4b:

4b) Usage of Windows specific DLLs, OCXs, VBXs and such can seriously hold you back. Many of these really old components are abandoned by their creators and do not work at all on any reasonably modern system. If you use them they will need to be replaced.

4c) On the other hand - if the application is good old fashioned character code it is almost zero effort to get onto a modern platform.

5) There is no reason that you need any 8.3 service packs to upgrade.

Daniel Di Marco

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Sorry, but the history is:

1 ) I am tecnical support of hardware.

2 ) The app is gui and not content 4gl.

3 ) My recomendation, before migrate to W2012, has migrate code, and then migrate platform.

4 ) When type seach code, i refer to programs to modify and recompile.

5 ) The convert of database is my responsability, but not problem for me.

6 ) The cost for my jobs is simple.

7 ) The cost for migrate code and test, for developers, is too much , and not have time, according to them.

Thanks for your response.
I elevate your messages to developers.

Daniel Di Marco

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For me, all is important.
But, for owner of system, the cost for application update, is not acepting for this moment.
They preffer run the risk for crash, and not buy the new product and update.


Some of my experience:
When I tried to install Progress 8 on Windows XP (to do some data migration for a client running an older Progress application) I needed to enable compatibility mode, then it worked.
Later I couldn't install Progress 9.1E on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit (to do some troubleshooting for an older version of our software). As a workaround I could have dumped the files on the disk and imported the necessary registry entries, but didn't bother to do so, instead just used a server. According to a colleague Progress 9 works on that system, just the installer doesn't.

I suppose you might have some fun installing Progress 8.3b on the Windows versions you mentioned.