Error Printing Stops - having to Restart Task Agent


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We are running Vantage version 8.03.409C - Recent new issue where clients are experiencing printing/print preview failing several times per day can be fixed by restarting the process server and task agent. Clearly we dont want to have to keep doing thi every time
DB log shows an error "Server's received count 1 does not equal client(1)'s send count 1148019796" prior to the issue.
Increased the logging level on the task server and process servers and can see a new error message
PROGRESS AppServer network protocol mismatch. (5565)
Any suggestions please.
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Looks like something else might be overlapping on the ports configured for your Appserver.
I have to add the standard disclaimer as well that this application is running on a very outdated Progress version. The latest LTS is 12.2 with 12.8 due by the end of the year. It really should be upgraded.