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We have database 32GB .I checked the against the promon option 5 ,I see the DB size = 32 GB and,Buffer hits = 0 %

1 What does it mean to see the buffer hit 0 % is the performance is very low?Please elobo


What version of Progress? On what OS?

You might also want to post a screen capture of the PROMON screen reporting this hit%. That screen has other relevant metrics which are used to calculate the hit ratio and which would go a long ways towards explaining which of the several possible answers to your question is most appropriate.


Perhaps you should consider revealing the clarifying information that we asked for?

Since you never listen nor take any advice, I suppose you are probably still running version 9? For the record: version 9 is ancient, obsolete, and unsupported. Your data is at risk and it is criminally irresponsible to continue running with that environment.


Version 9 has many bugs. Among them are some bugs related to calculation of the hit ratio. Showing the screen capture of the PROMON screen would clarify that.

It might also show, as James said, that your database is doing nothing.

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@TomBascom originally there was a promon screenshot on here that had zeroes on every metric, along with the info that it was, indeed, version 9.

@Mike if your database has 0 reads, or writes, then your buffer hit will be 0.