output to prn file problem


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hi all,
when we make prn file in mfg/pro (linux based) then it shows numbers in this format
9.99.99,99 whether it shud display 9,99,999.99 how can we do that...

(when we take this same report in dos format it is ok then.)

pls help.



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Hi Anil,

On the linux machine, check to see if -E appears in any of your startup parameters. This parameter will cause the decimal and the comma to switch round.




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Decimal notation and Linux

Indeed, this problem looks like you got your decimal notation somehow in the European lay-out. I must say we prefer your first way of writing in the Netherlands, but I don't know how you can switch it .....
I was interested in your experiences running on linux though. Did you have many problems getting this to work? We are running 8.6E on Win-NT environment and are thinking of moving to a newer version, but with that, we are also thinking of running it on linux, in stead of Win2000 or so. So got any tips ;-)