ODBC data sources in VBA using .ADP Access forms


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I am helping another programmer convert an application written using DAO and ODBC using a .mdb Access program connecting to multiple data sources to a .adp using Stored Procedures. One of the DATA SERVER is a SQL Server 7 database and the other is an ODBC compliant database running Pervasive SQL. THis application runs great under the .mdb using ODBC but is in need of redesign for its user base. I have selected to convert the program to a thinner client by placing the business rules on the backend using stored procedures. We have been successful in executing stored procedures to the SQL 7.0 database and populating the list boxes and such however, now the once-working ODBC connectivity to the Pervasive database server is giving us fits. It will not connect using DSN's and I cannot get SQL server to conect to it as a Linked Server. Does anyone have any code-pieces that connect a .adp Access program to an ODBC source? I have tried everything. All I want to do as a test is set up a simple button and textbox to bring back one field from the ODBC connection to my .adp form. This will verify connectivity and that we can see a field in the Pervasive database using ODBC. I'm assuming that this will require ADO programming by opening up the ODBC connection but am unsure. Please help.

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Hi @Ross55, this forum has nothing to do with Pervasive databases. I doubt anyone will be able to help.