ODBC (Access Denied)

Osmar Morais

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I´m facing the same problem with "Acess Denied" (7512) but on Openedge 10.1A, I have already created "SYSPROGRESS" user on Data Admin but in this version doesn´t have the SQL Explorer Tool anymore so, I´m not managing to give the GRANT privileges to the users. Someone knows what tool should I use to do this on Openedge?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Osmar,

If you have any questions, please start a new thread so old threads wont be revived endlessly...

In 10.1A, which has been retired for quite a while now, the graphical part of the sqlexplorer was removed. There is still the commandline version of sqlexplorer which works perfectly well. So use that for granting priviliges.

If you don't like working on the command line then you can use dbnavigator in OE architect or tool like SQuirreL: http://www.squirrelsql.org/