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Hi I just started a job where progress is used and I am "trying" to learn it on the fly.

We are currently using Version 10.2A on a Linux platform using the character based mode.

I was given a text book "PROGRESS Language Tutorial (Character) [version 9]" which I am working through.

The book has sample programs (example lt-06-s1.p, lt06i1.i, lt-06-e1.p...). I'm trying to find these sample programs.

Our version of Progress does not have them and the newer version that we are on has examples of GUI based code (not the character based code that I need)

Is there any where I can find these practice programs?



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I thought the samples may be available with the documentation but that does not appear to the case:

Progress 9.1E and WebSpeed 3.1E Documentation Overview - Wiki - OpenEdge General - Progress Community

Have a check on any PCs at your work if a folder exists similar to dlc9\prodoc\langtut as they may be there.

I actually still have the version 9 files, and can attach in a zip. However, even though just samples not sure if it is legal to do that so Chris or mods will have to advise.

Failing that, there only appears to be the 10.2A samples:

Download 10.2A Documentation Example Procedure files - Wiki - OpenEdge General - Progress Community

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I would suggest that publishing anything from the Progress install directory may well be a little bit close to the ragged edge of what is legally acceptable! :( If all else fails there is training. Progress do an Academy that would be great for you, but it will focus on 11.7, and probably also mostly GUI. Between us we could advise on bespoke training. I know my company can provide, but I'm not here to make a sales pitch.