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.net Datagridview Strange Behavior

We are currently developing new GUI using .NET in Developer Studio 11.6 32 Bit.
The problem is when we tried to refresh data several times in the DataGridView, the data do not shown correctly.

The "Right Output.png" shows the right output, The "Wrong Output.png" shows the data after several times refreshing the data.

The "Form2.cls" is the class for testing the datagridview. Run the "test-start.p" to create an object from Form2. Hit the button1 to refresh the data in the datagridview. The strange behaviour may appear after many refresh of the datagridview.

Does anyone ever experience this and found the solution for this problem?

Thank you

Christofer Yie



Active Member
Odd you are having a problem as I have tested with 10.2B 32 Bit and 11.6 64 Bit and the data is always shown correctly no matter how many times the button is hit. Even putting the button in a loop that is run 1,000 times it is okay.

Does adding the line "dataGridView1:Refresh()." solve the problem?
Thank you for responding my question.
We finally found out the cause of this issue. There was a parameter in .ini setting: "MultitaskingInterval=9999", which can cause that irregular output. The result is now correctly displayed after we comment that parameter.