Dear Tom and Team.

We got the mail from client side that he needs to have some information below:-
Please check the below-highlighted servers. They asking the server usage.

1. Server :- gola
2 Server :- holae

We have applications mfg/pro and progress running over there. and they ask below:-

1. Why we need this provisions? ( They need to buy some license for application and mfg/pro)
2. which applications are they for?

What we can reply to them? How to find the mfg/pro application expiration date and also progress database expiration date and license expiration?

We help us TOm

tamhas Sponsor
Did you look in the license file? In general, neither is going to expire. Your maintenance may expire and there are some special kinds of licenses like the old PSDN licenses which expire, but in general database and software licenses don't expire unless they are SaaS.