Need help with QAD invoice enter time > than now less 15 minutes


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I am trying to write a QAD: I need the invoice enter time to be greater than now less 15 minutes. If I write > "0920" (for 9h20 am) it works. if I write > string (t) it returns nothing.

dt = now.

t = integer( mtime ( dt ) / 1000 ) - 900.

and oeeh.entertm > string (t):

Can you help ?

Cringer Moderator
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I get syntax errors with your code, probably because of Progress versions which is why you should always say what version you're on. But, the obvious error is that your code will return "920" rather than "0920". So, do this:
string (t,"9999")
And message out the value you're getting out.


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ok thks I will try it